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One Time Offer!

Here is your opportunity to purchase a low cost pre-designed year-long program for racquet sports that is delivered in PDF format.

The PDF’s include pictures and descriptions of the exercises in the program.

You can still access the program on your smartphone if you open and view the files there.

The program is not customized and there is no additional coaching included.

Here is a sample of what the program looks like.

You can get a free PDF reader from adobe.com

There are no refunds once the program has been delivered.

The program includes the following PDF files:

  • How to Plan Your Workouts
  • Dynamic Warm-up – 10 exercises
  • Flexibility – 8 self-myofascial release + 19 stretches
  • Off Season A – 11 exercises
  • Off Season B – 12 exercises
  • Pre Season A – 12 exercises
  • Pre Season B – 11 exercises
  • In Season –  9 exercises

One Time Offer

Only $19.97

By purchasing, you certify that you have read and agreed to our Terms of Use.

No thanks, I'd rather see the FREE 2 week sample online training program.

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