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Fitness Assessments



A fitness assessment is perhaps the most important step in the personal training process. In order to design a customized program that most effectively and efficiently allows you to achieve your goals, your trainer needs to know exactly where you are starting from, and exactly where you want to go.

Learning where you want to go is accomplished by discussing your specific goals, interests, barriers to exercise, past experiences, etc.

Learning where you are starting from is accomplished by doing a fitness assessment. The basic assessment is required for all personal training clients and evaluates the following:

Health History
Exercise & Lifestyle History
Blood Pressure
Body Composition (if desired)
Submaximal VO2 Test
Estimated Functional Anerobic Threshold
Static Posture
Dynamic Posture
Muscle Imbalances

Additional assessments may be added depending on your training goals, such as:

Muscle Strength
Muscle Endurance
Muscle Power
Muscle Activation Range of Motion
Neuromuscluar Coordination
Rikli Jones Senior Fitness Test
Berg Balance Scale
Video Analysis of Gait or other movement screens

Based on your assessment results, recommendations can then be made regarding weight loss or gain, cardiovascular conditioning, target heart rate zones, periodized strength and conditioning, correcting basic muscle imbalances, improving posture, flexibility, basic nutritional information, or goal setting.

Once we know where you are starting from and where you want to go, we can map the most efficient path to get you there! Repeating assessments every few months also allows you to document your progress in a more objective manner.

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There is no failure – only feedback.

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