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Nutrition Coaching

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The Nutrition Coaching that I offer is based more on behavior change than following a specific diet plan. Whether your goal is to lose excess body fat, gain muscle mass, or both – I can help!

Habit Based Nutrition Coaching

Why habits?

It has been estimated that almost half of what we do on a daily basis is out of habit. Habits are the things that are on autopilot – the things you do without even thinking about it. With respect to eating habits, this can include things such as mindless snacking while watching television (even if you aren’t hungry), binging on sweets when you get stressed, drinking too much when out with friends, eating too much at social gatherings, pressure to eat more than you want from family or friends at holiday parties, etc.

Some of my clients have tried working on changing their habits on their own, but haven’t gotten the outcomes they were hoping for. Why? A variety of reasons, but mostly because they tried to do too much at once, didn’t have the patience to wait until something actually became a habit before moving on to the next one, or having a mish-mash of habits that didn’t move the needle when it came to getting the results they wanted.


How a Nutrition Coach Can Help You Get Results

As a certified Health Coach and Level 1 Precision Nutrition Coach, I understand not only the biochemistry of nutrition but the psychology of behavior change. With this system, you’ll get a new habit to focus on every two weeks. These habits are

  • simple to do
  • steadily build upon each other so that you reinforce each previous habit
  • strategic so that you build skills that will last a lifetime if you apply yourself

You won’t just be plugged into the system and left to figure everything out on your own – I’ll be with you every step of the way.

If you’re ready, willing and able to change your life through Nutrition Coaching, I invite you to Contact Me to see how I can help you get the results that you want.


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