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Personal Training

One to one personal training is the most effective and popular training option that we do. We work with individuals of all abilities, including those with chronic medical issues, post rehab, pre and post natal, older and elder adults. Working with a professional Minneapolis Personal Trainer ensures that you are doing the right exercises to achieve your specific goals quickly and efficiently and that you are doing them correctly.  You will sit down with your trainer to discuss what your goals are, then you will have an assessment to determine your current cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, and muscle strengths and weaknesses prior to beginning a training program. K’s Body Shop will then utilize that information to design a customized program that determines appropriate exercises and intensities so that you can maximize your fitness and minimize the chance for injury. Since there are no contracts, you can work with your trainer as often or as little as you please.


We also offer partner training for those who would like to have a skilled fitness professional assist with their training program, but want to cut costs or work out with a buddy who has similar goals and abilities.

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First Session:

Your first personal training session will be a fitness assessment so that your trainer can learn about your specific goals, interests, and get baseline assessments to determine what your unique needs are. By knowing exactly where you are starting from and exactly where you want to go, your trainer can then design an efficient and effective fitness program to help you achieve your goals in a safe and timely manner.


Starting at $100/hour for one to one training depending on travel distance. No contracts are required, so you can control the number and frequency of your sessions to fit your specific situation. Partner training also varies based on travel time and facility fees, but currently starts at $150/hour.  Facility fees are included in the hourly rate.

Online Training is also available anywhere in the USA. Contact Us for more details!


Personal training sessions are conducted Monday through Friday. Session start times range from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday – Thursday and 7:00 am to noon Friday and are billed for a minimum of 1 hour.


We provide in-home or on-site training for individuals and small businesses, or you have the option of coming to a private fitness facility located near the intersection of Hwy 212 & Hwy 169 in Eden Prairie. Virtual training via FaceTime or Google Duo is also available so that you can work out from where ever you are – perfect for frequent travelers or those homebound due to global pandemics.

NOTE:  Virtual Personal Training is appointment based where you meet with your Trainer at your given workout time and go through your workout using FaceTime or Google Duo, just as if you were meeting in person. Your trainer supervises your workout and delivers cueing or adjustments to your program in real-time. Other options include Online Fitness or Nutrition Coaching, where content is delivered via the Member portal on this website or is accessed via an app on a mobile device.

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