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Need some help achieving your health and fitness goals, even when your lifestyle is demanding and you’re on the go?

Are you a stay at home Mom or Caregiver who can’t leave the house, but could fit in a short exercise routine at home? Perhaps you live in a rural area and don’t have access to a qualified fitness professional? Maybe you’re a busy professional who travels a lot for work – or a retiree who travels for pleasure?

An online fitness & nutrition coach may be the perfect solution!

The Problem

There is a LOT of information about diet and exercise on the internet; some of it good and some…. not so much. Furthermore, new research is being pumped out every day. Unless you do this for a living and have a degree in biomechanics or biochemistry, do you know how to apply this information to optimize your training program so that you get the results you want? How do you differentiate between good information and bad? And even if it’s good information in general, maybe it isn’t what’s best for you.

You’ve probably already tried generic programs from magazines or the internet without success or you wouldn’t be reading this. So, maybe you know how to exercise, you’re just not sure which exercises to do. Or at what intensity. Or how many sets and reps for each exercise. Or how much rest between sets or exercises. When to increase weights, or when to back off. Or what exercise to do in place of another.

Maybe you find it difficult to do your workouts consistently and need accountability.

And so on.

The Solution

With a professional Online Fitness Coach, the program design is done for you! We take the guesswork out of it – Your job is simply to execute the plan and communicate regularly with your Coach so that your customized program can be progressed appropriately.

You’ll get a daily schedule that’s customized for you based on your current ability, what fitness equipment you have available (if any), and what your goals are.

You can access everything online from the members page or from a mobile device app from anywhere in the world.

And you can do this any time you want, so no worry about having to fit into the Coach’s schedule.

Is It Just About Exercise?

No! Being a professional Personal Trainer, your workouts will be a major focal point.

However, I’m also a Health Coach and take a holistic approach to health and wellness so we’ll address much more.

You’ll also receive habit-based nutrition coaching (and I’m happy to refer you to an awesome licensed nutritionist if you need more than that).

We’ll get into some in-depth goal setting that will help you stay intrinsically motivated so you’re much more likely to achieve the results that you want.

Together we’ll try to build systems that help you adopt healthier habits to address anything from improving your nutrition, reducing stress, improving sleep, and finding more enjoyment in physical activity.

Getting stronger or healthier shouldn’t be a temporary white-knuckle ride (that’s why so many New Year’s Resolutions fail).

It’s about making permanent changes to your lifestyle in small manageable steps that will last a lifetime. In other words, it’s more about behavior change if you want your results to last permanently.

How It Works

You’ll begin with a free phone consultation to discuss your specific goals. Depending on your health history, we may need to get written medical clearance from your Physician before beginning any exercise.

Then we’ll do an assessment to determine your specific strengths and weaknesses. Parts of the assessment may be done in person if you’re in the Minneapolis area or via FaceTime or Google Duo so that I can see how you move. Exactly which assessments are done depend on what you’re goals and abilities are.

Once we collect all the initial data we need, I’ll get to work designing your customized fitness program.

You can access your program through the member portal on this site or via the app on your smartphone or tablet. You’ll have access to exercise videos along with pictures and written descriptions so you’ll know exactly how to do each exercise. You’ll be able to send a video of yourself doing the exercise within the app if you want me to check your technique. You’ll also log what you did so that I can monitor and progress your program.

All clients will have free access to their own fitness tracking app and a secure online portal. Track your food with photo food logging or MyFitnessPal, track your weight, take selfie progress photos, get your workouts with videos and descriptions, track your habit-building exercises, monitor your progress as you get stronger, message me directly- right from your phone!

NOTE: Online Coaching is NOT the same thing as virtual Personal Training. Virtual Personal Training is appointment based where you meet with your Trainer at your given workout time and go through your workout using FaceTime or Google Duo, just as if you were meeting in person. Your trainer supervises your workout and delivers cueing or adjustments to your program in real time.

Can Anyone Do It?

Working with an Online Fitness Coach isn’t appropriate for everybody. If you require manual methods such as PNF stretching or muscle activation techniques, I’ll need to work with you one to one in person. Some special populations or post-rehab situations are also better served in person. If you are a fall risk or cannot get up and down from the floor, in person training is a better option.

Some clients prefer a hybrid solution where they do mostly online training with periodic in-person check-ins to take advantage of having access to exercise videos and lower cost than full time in-person training. Feel free to contact me to discuss what option would be best for you.

At this time, I only work with adults in the USA.


One year paid in full $5000 (save $1000) – best value & highest success rate

Payment Plans:

Four months $1800 (save $200)

Monthly subscription $500

Minimum of 4 months to start.

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