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10 Tips for Fitness Newcomers Over Fifty – Start Today

mature couple at the gym working out together

Are you a fitness newcomer over fifty? Starting to exercise regularly at a gym or fitness studio can be intimidating for people of any age. Maybe it’s been years since you worked out regularly, and the numerous machines and confident gymgoers give you some hesitation.

Don’t worry. It’s perfectly natural. Fitness newcomers over fifty naturally will have questions about equipment, etiquette, and best practices to make the most of your time, get the best workout, and enjoy yourself.

I want you to succeed, no matter what your age or fitness level. And I’m are here to help, so never hesitate to raise a question or concern, or to ask for assistance.

A little “gymtimidation” can be natural – and not just because you’re over 50. Don’t let it bog you down. Here are a few pointers to help get you started on the right foot.

10 Tips for Fitness Newcomers Over Fifty

  1. Think positively. You made it here! That’s awesome. Now, remember to smile, repeat your “why” to yourself – and state affirmations to yourself in positive language rather than a punishing tone. For example: “I’m working out because I want to be able to travel and play with my grandkids.”
  2. Be sure to get a tour. I sometimes meet with clients at a fully equipped private fitness facility in Eden Prairie. If you’d like to get a membership there to work out on your own when you’re not training with me, let me know! I will explain what various equipment is for and what to avoid if you have specific medical concerns or limitations. Talk to me about personal training options, individually or with a buddy, at least for your first few sessions.
  3. Always stretch or warm-up before you start your workout to gradually elevate your heart rate, loosen up your muscles, and get your head in the game.
  4. Move beyond the treadmill. I get it – sometimes it feels safe to stick with what you know, and walking is supposed to be “good enough,” right? Not quite.
  5. Lift weights. After age 50, resistance training is a must, whether you like free weights, machines, resistance bands, or body-weight exercises. You will NOT become huge and bulky. But you will improve your balance, maintain muscle mass, improve bone density, and burn fat. Plus, you’ll sleep better.
  6. Choose the right time of day. When’s good for you? Gyms are generally busiest from around 4:30 p.m. to 7 p.m., with people arriving after a typical workday. If you have more flexibility in your schedule, make the most of that privilege and come when it’s quieter.
  7. Dress for comfort. You probably have plenty of clothes to get started, so don’t worry about making a fashion statement with the latest styles. But I do recommend investing in a good pair of properly fitting athletic shoes and clothes that you can move freely in.
  8. Drink plenty of water. Before, during and after. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty.
  9. Learn basic gym/studio etiquette. Ask if you’re not sure. But among some universal truths: Individuals shouldn’t “hog” a machine or weight station, so don’t sit on it in between sets when others might be waiting. Also, return weights to their racks, and wipe down equipment and mats when you’re done.
  10. Be fully present and enjoy yourself. Pay attention. Make phone calls elsewhere. Observe respectful boundaries. I believe exercise for people of all ages should be effective, safe, and fun.

Every journey starts at the beginning. I would be happy to help you on your healthy path.

Contact me today and get started!

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