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Benefits of Laughter

What’s my favorite exercise for getting stronger abs? A good belly laugh! Not only will it improve your six pack and your core strength, but there are many other benefits of laughter that have a positive effect on your overall health! The Mayo Clinic even agrees that laughter is powerful medicine! So, what can a good giggle do for you?

Short Term Benefits of Laughter

In the short term, it can stimulate endorphins in your brain, increase oxygen delivery to your heart, lungs, and muscles by improving blood flow, and soothe tension from physical stress.

Long Term Benefits of Laughter

Longer term benefits of a regular chuckle can improve immune function, relieve depression, lessen anxiety, increase pain tolerance, and improve mood.

A good laugh doesn’t require a visit to the doctor to get a prescription, doesn’t cost a cent, and is readily available any time you are.

See? Exercise can be fun! And you’re never too young to start!

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