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How Fitness Helps You Do What You Want

bucket list

What’s on your “bucket list” of things you want to do at least once in life? Are you fit enough to be able to do what you want?

  • Do you want to see your grandkids get married?
  • Do you want to wear a dress you wore years ago but have outgrown?
  • Maybe you want to climb a local hill – or Mount Kilimanjaro.

We all have a list with items like these on it. The “bucket list” idea is a fun way to make plans or just daydream. It’s so common that Hollywood even made a movie with the title starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.

And it doesn’t matter what you’re planning to tackle on your bucket list: Being fit will help you do it.

Let’s look at common reasons people over 50 decide to get fit or stay fit. What does each one inspire you to do? How can strength, endurance, and agility make those aspirations come true?

7 Reasons Why You Want to Stay Fit Enough to Do What You Want

  1. Nobody wants to be the “boring nana,” right? Millions of today’s grandparents play active roles in their grandkids’ lives. Bucket List Item: That can be as simple as getting on the floor to play – and then being able to get back up again.
  2. Feel, Look and Move Better. Most of us want the benefits of exercise more than we want long hours in the gym. It’s no different for people over 50. Exercise improves your mood, your appearance, and your mobility. Bucket List Item: I want to look great at my 50th high school reunion.
  3. Gardening and hiking are just two of the physically demanding hobbies that people enjoy and want to continue, regardless of age. Bucket List Item: Take a ballroom dance course to dazzle your partner.
  4. Some people go to the gym because they like to work out. But for many, it helps them keep doing something else they love. Bucket List Item: Play 18 holes at every course in the country.
  5. The pandemic really will be over one day. And when it is, you want to resume checking off the places you’ve always wanted to visit. Bucket List Item: Take walking tours of the great European capitals and museums.
  6. Mental Health. You might know that exercise is good for your body. But did you realize it’s also great for your mind, helping to build memory and ward off dementia? Bucket List Item: I want to win Trivial Pursuit with my younger family members.
  7. Physical Health. Did you hear about the real “wonder drug” to help keep your body healthy? It’s called exercise! Fitness even helps us recover from common surgeries and illnesses. Bucket List Item: I want my doctor to take me off certain medications.

It really doesn’t matter what you want to do – or whether some people think you’re boring or too adventurous. I’ll help you get or stay fit over 50 so you can live life on your own terms for as long as you want.

Show me your bucket list and let’s get to work on it.

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