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Strength Training Tops Cardio for Heart Health? New Study Says It Does


So, what’s the best type of exercise for heart health?

Conventional wisdom has long held that running is better for heart health than weightlifting.

But a new study says that’s not so.

Scientists looked at health records of 4,000 people. They concluded that, while both forms of exercise lower the risk of heart disease, weightlifting has a greater effect than running, walking or cycling, according to the British Telegraph. The study also supports earlier views that weightlifting is better for the circulatory system because the “oxygen expenditure” is more intense.

Any exercise is good, of course. And weightlifting (or resistance training) also has other health benefits for people over 50. For example, it helps improve functional independence. Here are some of those benefits, accumulated by RunRepeat, which reviews all kinds of athletic footwear.

  • Improved balance while still and while moving
  • Better neuromuscular functioning for control and balance
  • Protection from age-related declines in neuromuscular functioning
  • Improved flexibility and joint movement.
  • Improvement in front hip flexion
  • Better movement in step length, speed and balance
  • Less fear of falling

Strength training is also effective for improving bone density.

In day-to-day life, all this means that strength training helps us move easier and more gracefully. This improved strength shows up in daily functions like climbing stairs and getting out of chairs. All adults lose muscle mass as we get older – unless we train to minimize that loss.

“The science is clear,” RunRepeat says. “Weightlifting will help reduce tons of risk factors for falls, improve functional independence, functional capacity, and quality of life.”

In short, it’s a necessity for people in their 50s, 60s, 70s, and beyond. Get in touch and let me show you how easy and enjoyable it is to gain these functional benefits from resistance training.

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