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Success Story: Meet 2 Older Superwomen Who Prove the Power of Fitness

older woman strength training in gym

In the world of older superwomen taking control of their health, Vera, 65, and Cheri, 73, are myth-busting superstars.

They work out several times a week with weights, machines, and cardio to stay strong and flexible in their retirement.

They are remarkable for doing so well what should be less remarkable in our society: Exercising regularly to improve their health and quality of life.

If stereotypes say white-haired women shouldn’t lift weights, these two show just how ridiculous that is. They both found success with a “Forever Fit” program designed to encourage mature people to challenge themselves with effective, challenging workouts in a friendly environment.

Vera started working out a few years ago when she noticed her golf drives weren’t going as far as they used to go. And she’d get tired doing household chores. Visiting her grown daughters for walks in Chicago and New York caused her back to hurt.

Vera, above, wasn’t having any of that.

‘It’s all about improving what you can do’

“I went in and thoroughly loved it,” she says. “The other people were in the same age bracket. The trainer was very welcoming. There was no judgment. It’s all about improving what you can do, not competing with others.”

Her golf swing came roaring back. So did her confidence with the tasks of ordinary life, like putting away groceries and getting out of the car.

When the pandemic hit, the trainer offered virtual training. Now clients can participate from home, even when that home is a snowbird residence in Florida.

When her new pants didn’t fit

Cheri lives in Florida in the wintertime. Nothing has deterred her from her fitness dedication.

She was 40 pounds heavier and had trouble moving around before she started working out regularly. She’d been active earlier in life, but then being a working, single mom of three led to decades of inactivity and poor eating habits.

older woman before and after starting exercise program

Finally, she had her own “aha” moment: New pants didn’t fit.

That was that, for Cheri.

Now a few years later, her strength, weight and balance are improved. She loves bowling. And she’s recovered from the pain suffered when she fell while line-dancing.

“I love the leg press machine,” she says. “That’s my favorite. And the coach is not like a drill sergeant. The trainer will guide and coach you, and get you to try to lift more weight when the time is right.”

Bust some myths of your own

These two older superwomen are great examples of the powerful lifestyle changes available to anyone at any age who’s willing to work with the right coach or trainer and commit to working out consistently.

Contact me today to talk about your goals, the programs that I offer, and my commitment to your health and safety during the pandemic and always.

Believe it or not, you have more tools and flexibility than ever before. So give me a call – and let’s start busting some myths today.

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