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8 Top Tips for Starting an Exercise Program

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So, you’ve decided that you’d like to improve your health and fitness, but have no idea where to begin? Here are a few tips for starting an exercise program, fitting it in to your already busy schedule, and making it a lifestyle habit! Don’t worry, it’s not as difficult as it seems 🙂

Decide to Make Exercise a Priority

Your health and fitness are worth it. You are worth it. Pencil some time right in your schedule, even if it’s only 10 minutes. You might try walking, stretching, meditating, or trying something different each time.

Get Your Workout Gear Ready to Go the Night Before

You’ll be ready to go and more motivated if your shoes, shorts, shirt, towel, toiletries, ect. are already organized and waiting for you. You also won’t have to get up as early the next morning 😉

Get Up 30 Minutes Early

The vast majority of my clients have better success sticking to an exercise program if they do their workouts earlier in the day. They have more energy during the rest of the day, are more alert at work, and don’t feel nagging pressure to squeeze in a workout after dinner when they are tired from the daily grind. You’ll probably also sleep better, which means you’ll be more refreshed the next morning.

Go for a 10 Minute Walk After Every Meal

Just 10 minutes, three times a day adds up to 30 minutes. Great way to get started since it requires no special equipment, no gym membership, no partner, and can be done anywhere.

Be an Accidental Exerciser

You’ll get more physical activity if you park your car further away and have to walk,  bike to your destination instead of driving, or take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Find an Activity that You Enjoy

It won’t be a chore if you like what you’re doing! Exercise doesn’t have to take place in a gym – it can include dancing, gardening, swimming, paddling a canoe, walking with friends, hiking or biking at a local park. Find something that’s FUN and you’ll actually look forward to doing it!

Find An Exercise Buddy

You’re more likely to keep each other accountable if you’re meeting a friend who’s also relying on you to be there.

Hire a Professional Personal Trainer

If you feel like you need more professional guidance getting started with your exercise program, hire a personal trainer. You’ll get a customized program suited to your interests and abilities, and you’ll be accountable to a skilled professional who can guide you towards your fitness goals in a safe and efficient manner. If you live in the Minneapolis area, call me today and get started!

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