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Variety and Fun Are Key to His Healthy New Lifestyle at 69


Tom Arrington retired from the Navy and US Postal Service five years ago and quickly settled into a daily lifestyle of overeating, happy hours, and couch time.

He’d occasionally see a mirror and think, How much longer do I want to go on like this…?

Then, at his annual physical, Tom’s doctor pointed out he was prediabetic – overweight, with high cholesterol and blood pressure.

“I don’t remember if she used the word ‘obesity,’ but she told me to lose 15 pounds as a start,” says Tom. “As a start.”

Healthy New Lifestyle

Now, Tom, 69, has been hitting a gym three to four times a week and is down to a healthy weight, with cholesterol and blood pressure numbers that made his doctor’s chin drop.

The secret is variety provided by his small group trainer, who mixes exercises for strength, endurance and flexibility and keeps him engaged.

“It’s really great for people who can’t stand routine,” says Tom. “That’s what got me in the past, when I tried to work out regularly. If it wasn’t any fun, I’d just fall off and not do it.”

Tom also has learned to eat better and enjoy a glass of wine in moderation. He says he has more energy and strength to enjoy daily life.

“Keep trying to find the program that works for you, whether it’s small group training or anything,” Tom urges others who have fallen into unhealthy habits and want to change. “There is a program out there for you. And once you get the bug, that’ll be it.”

I couldn’t agree more. Contact me and we can discuss the options to find what’s right for you, whether it’s face to face personal fitness training, online nutrition coaching, or both.

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