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Why Fight to be Fit After Fifty? Plenty of Reasons!

senior couple biking in autumn

If young people exercise largely so they can look good, well, then: Good for them!

But by age 50, 60 or so, we’re less concerned about being “beach-body ready.” We’re more motivated by things that go deep into our consciousness and values. Some people find it helps them stick with it if they identify a primary motivator – a main reason they can remember on those days when they might not feel like it.

Being in good physical shape – with strength, endurance and flexibility – helps us remain independent and enjoy living as we please. And in the face of a global pandemic, it helps fortify us against the coronavirus.

Reasons to be Fit After Fifty

I love hearing what drives people to live a better life. I want to know: What are your powerful, compelling reasons to run, swim, lift weights, ride bikes, etc.?

Most people say one or several of these:

  • Playing with grandchildren
  • Reducing medication
  • Travel
  • Enjoying sports and hobbies
  • Avoiding obesity, hypertension and falls
  • Social interaction
  • Better recovery from surgeries
  • Treatment of chronic conditions like Parkinson’s, diabetes and more
  • Reducing the risk of fractures caused by low bone density
  • Being able to live independently as they continue to grow older

Do any of those strike a chord with you?

Any reason is a good reason. Heck, you don’t even have to have one. “Just because” is a great answer!

But try thinking about it. Knowing your “Why” helps you remain consistent with your exercise and activity program on the days you don’t feel like doing it. And consistency is key for becoming and staying fit after fifty! Tie that reason around your finger (figuratively, of course). You might find the reminder helpful.

If you’d like to learn more about an appropriate exercise program for your goals and abilities, contact me today for a free consultation 🙂

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