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Here’s Why We Need to Lift Weights Later in Life

older woman lifting dumb bells

Let’s talk about muscles and why you need to lift weights to work yours on a regular basis.

No, I am not talking about body-building.

I am talking about the safest, most effective tool to improve your quality of life. Resistance training helps keep you from falling or otherwise hurting yourself needlessly if you’re later in life – or if you’re hoping to get there someday.

It’s a simple fact: Human beings lose muscle as we age, starting in midlife. If we don’t work to correct that through resistance training of some kind, we become so weak that we are a danger to ourselves.

Old people fall so much because they lose muscle that’s necessary to keep them upright. You can’t have balance without muscle control.

Got it? Good… Now, if you’re not already lifting weights, using resistance bands, or performing body-weight exercises to stay strong, then you need to start. Here’s more of the Big Picture of Why.

Why We Need To Lift Weights

Seniors who practice resistance training:

  • Have significantly better muscle mass and quality
  • Burn fat better
  • Have greater functional independence for the tasks of daily living, like playing with grandkids and bringing in groceries
  • Sleep better
  • Have better balance while standing still and while moving
  • Have stronger bones and fewer aches and pains
  • Keep better mental function
  • Suffer less risk of type 2 diabetes

And you thought it was all about getting a giant physique!

You don’t have to go to a gym to improve your strength – it’s easy to do resistance training in your own home with resistance bands, dumbbells, Kettlebells, medicine balls, or suspension training with the Anchor Point Training home gym.

If you’d like to learn more about why we need to lift weights or want instruction about exercises that can improve strength, Contact me today.

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