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With Exercise, Vanity Can Be a Good Thing


Vanity Can Be a Good Thing When It Comes to Exercise

Vanity gets a bum rap sometimes.

It’s closely associated with pride, one of the seven deadly sins of the Bible. And, sure, obsessing about your appearance can cause problems of its own.

But caring about your looks and taking steps to maintain them? That can help motivate us to exercise regularly, to eat well, and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. A little vanity can drive our actions to keep our identity, strength and independence.

It’s about more than beauty or youth. We all want to look how we want to look, as much as possible. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Exercise and eating right are good for health and longevity, not just a slimmer torso. Maintaining a good appearance is linked to self-respect. And no less glamorous a specimen than Winston Churchill called vanity the “vice that promotes so many virtues.”

More seniors and Baby Boomers are investing in fitness than ever before. They spend money, time and energy to stay healthy and to maintain their lifestyles. They’re also dating, coloring their hair, and dabbling in Botox (or more).

Everyone wants control over their lives, to live the way they want to live for as long as possible. That’s what’s so great about exercise – it gives you that power.

If it also helps you smile in the mirror, then we won’t complain a bit.

Sources: The New York Times, Psychology Today

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