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22 Reasons to Be Fit in 2022


Heading into a new year, so many of us are determined to take better care of ourselves – but then too often lose our steam by about the third week in January.

It helps if you have good reasons to get fit – or, heck, even to stay fit, if you’re already active. Some of the most popular motivations after 50 include being able to play with grandkids, enjoy sports and hobbies, and just feel better, look better and move better. Others want to be fit enough to be able to live independently in their own home for the rest of their lives.

So, whether you’re new to exercise or an old pro, here’s a handy list of 22 great reasons to pursue healthy living in 2022!

  1. Because the world has been going crazy for almost two solid years now, and you’ve just about had enough!
  2. We can’t control a lot of things – but we usually can control how much we move and what we eat or drink.
  3. Healthy living boosts your immunity and helps you keep free of disease.
  4. Exercise is the miracle drug. It’s good for your bones, muscles, balance, heart, breathing, mental health and sleep – even helping to ward off dementia.
  5. You want to live longer and have more freedom to do what you want to do.
  6. Another grandchild is coming soon.
  7. You need to stay strong to help care for your own parents.
  8. Strength training helps prevent falls – and brittle bones that can break in them.
  9. About 70 percent of the disposable income in the US is in your generation’s hands, and you darn well intend to invest in your health.
  10. If you’re retired or working less, you have the flexibility to work out when, how and where you want – and that’s a luxury you earned and should use.
  11. You gave up following trends years ago – including that one about dropping resolutions by February 1.
  12. Because no one has ever said, “I regret that workout.”
  13. You want to look good – and there ain’t nothing wrong with that.
  14. Because how many people have you lost due to bad lifestyle choices, like a crappy diet, smoking, and living on the couch 24/7?
  15. Springtime will be here soon, and you’ll want to garden, golf, or play tennis. Working out at the gym or studio helps with all of those and more.
  16. Believe it or not, we will be able to travel freely again someday. And you’ll need strength, balance and stamina to do it.
  17. You want to be healthy and fit enough to enjoy sex with your partner.
  18. You like giving your doctor a reason to smile.
  19. When the holidays roll around, you will have earned that extra dressing and the slice of pumpkin pie.
  20. You want to avoid being overweight, getting diabetes, and letting high blood pressure go unchecked.
  21. Because you want to set a positive example.
  22. Because exercise makes you feel good. Every time.

Stay active with family, friends and community organizations. Seek positivity in all things and avoid negative thinking that seems so prevalent. Pursue fun and laughter and love.

Let me know what motivates you. What are your reasons for being fit in 2022? And don’t be shy to say when you need a little extra encouragement some days.

If you’d like some professional guidance setting up and establishing an appropriate fitness program, contact me today.

22 sounds like a good number. Let’s make it so!


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