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5 Tips for Awesome Active Aging

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Want to know some secrets about awesome active aging?

Everyone wants a “magic bullet” about healthy living and staying fit.

But the truth is, there simply isn’t one.

Still, successful active agers do share a few traits, along with the basics of exercising regularly; eating well; sleeping enough; and managing stress.

Here are 5 truths among them:

  1. Slow Progress Is Ideal. You’ve learned that consistent effort over time brings the best, results. If we want too much right away, we risk getting injured, frustrated and quitting. It’s also easier to go slow and steady to make healthier lifestyle habits over time.
  2. Success Is a Journey. Don’t focus on “results” as much as “doing.” Appreciate the activity you perform each day, knowing that you’re getting closer to your goal.
  3. Compete with Only Yourself. You’ll always see people who seem to be doing better than you. They’re stronger, slimmer, more attractive… more WHATEVER. And we do not care! Focus on you.
  4. Accept the Blahs. Sometimes you just won’t want to go work out. Sometimes you just won’t want to eat right. Sometimes you won’t have as much strength or energy as you’d like. DO IT ANYWAY.
  5. Avoid Complaining about Aging. We’ve all lost too many people who would’ve liked the privilege of getting older. Instead, embrace gratitude for all your blessings, including your physical abilities and the wherewithal to improve them.

How do I know so much about what helps people get and stay fit after 50? Simple: I see plenty of them every day, living life on their own terms and feeling good. And I’m in the boat rowing right along with you myself.

Contact me today to start your own active aging journey to a healthier life!

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