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5 Tips from Your Life to Win at Fitness over 50

group of four older adults lifting dumb bells

Want to win at fitness over 50?

Here’s one of the great things about getting older:

You’ve lived through enough experiences to have learned lessons about what works for you – and what doesn’t.

About how to reach a goal successfully.

About how to get your mindset right to win.

Now, maybe you didn’t always talk about it in these terms when raising kids, starting careers, or navigating how to refinance the mortgage.

But whatever your life experiences, by now you’ve had enough that you can apply their lessons to your fitness goals and ensure your success (whatever that looks like for you).

Think about these 5 Life Lessons and how they can help you get fit or stay fit to enjoy your hobbies, prepare for travel, play with the grandkids… whatever you want!

5 Life Lessons for Your Fitness after 50

  1. It’s All in Your Head. Whether you think you can or not, you’re right. Recall a time in life when you wanted something that was a stretch – an education, a promotion, a better relationship, etc. When you reached those goals, what was your attitude going into the process? What about those times when you failed? Note the victories and adopt those thoughts.
  2. Quitters Never Win, and Winners Never Quit. How many times did you say that to one of your kids or to a junior colleague? Was it true then? Of course! Is it true now? Duh! Eye of the tiger, baby!
  3. Align Your Actions with Your Beliefs. Think of a young professional who turned down a lucrative job at a tobacco company because he couldn’t put his efforts into selling cigarettes. Instead, he took a job paying less but eventually made up the difference without sacrificing his integrity. Lesson: If you behave in a way that is consistent with your self-image (“I am a healthy, active person over 50”), then you’re halfway there.
  4. Take It Easy, Baby. You’ve worked hard for what you want in the past, but take the foot off the gas sometimes. Self-care, rest and recovery will help you more than just grinding away all the time. And properly timed rest periods are part of a good fitness training program.
  5. Practice an Attitude of Gratitude. Being ungrateful might be the No. 1 cause of failure. When you’re feeling sorry for yourself about what you lack, you’re giving up. When you systematically express thankfulness for all your blessings? Well, it has just the opposite effect, fueling you on to greater heights and encouraging you to help others.

You Know All of This

Notice how none of these tips has anything to do with a specific exercise program. I’m not talking about doing this kind of cardio instead of that kind of resistance training. Or whether you should eat carbs or not.

I am happy to talk about those kinds of things when you come in.

But, no, this is all about your brain and your heart. Your mindset and your emotions.

You’ve done harder things than this your whole life. And don’t you forget it!

Want to schedule a time to chat about the best fitness program to help you achieve your goals?


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