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What Will Finally Make You Say, “It’s Time to Change”

time to change

How do you know when it’s time to change?

Here’s a common scenario for people over 50.

They’ve gradually gained weight over the last couple of decades, and now they’re obese or getting there. They may have also developed chronic diseases that are caused by a sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits, such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol.

Somewhere over the years, they stopped participating in hobbies and sports. If they ever were a regular gym-goer or runner, that slipped away at some point, too.

Now they have aches and pains, difficulty sleeping, and doctors always urging them to exercise.

Does this sound like you? But you’re just not ready to do anything about it yet?

Maybe you just haven’t reached your turning point. It’s when you make a decisive change at a critical juncture to resolve a crisis.

It’s when you say, “Enough! It’s time to change!”

It’s when you finally change your life.

Many of Us Need a Moment of Crisis

In talking to countless people over 50 who want to get fit or who have adopted a healthy lifestyle, it’s common to hear them discuss their turning point as a dramatic moment of clarity – a realization that something serious was at risk.

Consider these real-life examples of people who have been there, all in their 50s, 60, 70s or above:

• Nate was in his 50s, eating on the go, traveling, and working too hard to notice his declining health. Then a chest pain sent him to the ER. “They kept me in there for two weeks.” Nate turned his life around, started eating right and exercising, and fell in love. Now in his 60s, Nate loves his life.

• Tony ruined his daughter’s birthday party before realizing he needed treatment for drug and alcohol abuse – and getting fit and healthy in sobriety. “I like my life now. I’m in the best shape of my life.”

• Alan’s doctor told him he had diabetes – and ordered him to start working out right away. With the combination of exercise and eating right, Alan got the disease under control.

• Gina slowly got up to 340 pounds at 5 feet 10 inches tall. She developed arthritis and joint pain and felt terrible about herself. Finally, when she retired, Gina seized the moment, enrolled at a gym, changed her eating habits, and got her health under control. “I feel so good. My whole life has changed.”

• Amanda developed painful arthritis that threatened cherished time in her garden. After joining a fitness studio for small group training, Amanda was feeling flexible and strong again in no time.

• Rosalinda was on a family vacation and heartbroken to stay back at the condo rather than join group hikes. She went home, hired a personal trainer, and now regularly participates in community races. “I’ve never felt this alive. It just takes the faith to make that first step.”

How to Resolve the Crisis

Rosalinda’s right. I’m here to help you make that first step – and to keep you on track through your fitness journey.

Don’t wait till you get scary news from your doctor.

You know the benefits of exercise – how it’s good for your heart health as well as your mental health. How it lowers the risk of falling and lowers the risk of dementia. How it lets you feel better, look better, and move better.

Let that be your turning point. Take that first step. The time to change is now.

Contact me and we’ll set up a time for a free, no-obligation chat about how I can help you live your best life.

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