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The Coronavirus Crisis Is Changing Plenty – But Not Your Need for Exercise

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People all over the world are having to make sacrifices because of the coronavirus. In just a few short days, the pandemic became the latest “new normal” affecting everything in our lives.

But here’s one thing it doesn’t change: You still need to exercise on a regular basis.

Move your body every day. “Social distancing” is not an excuse to eat Oreos on the couch and watch Netflix. This will all end someday, and you don’t want to be out of shape when that happens.

You also must continue to eat right, try to get proper sleep, and hydrate.

Coronavirus Protocol


As you know, coronavirus has forced the closings of countless businesses, schools, entertainment facilities, restaurants, bars and, in many locations, gyms. New restrictions seem to come out each day.

As of Tuesday, March 17 the state of Minnesota ordered the temporary closure of many businesses, including gyms tentatively through March 27. My personal feeling is that the closure will likely be extended beyond that, but right now nobody knows what’s going to happen. This means that I will not be able to train clients at the private Eden Prairie gym until further notice.

I CAN still coach clients through virtual and online methods and have already begun transitioning my current clients to FaceTime, phone calls, or Zoom meetings. I have others whom I already coach virtually through my membership site or mobile app (this is especially helpful for nutrition coaching, which is how the program is set up to work anyway).

Taking care of yourself is still important, maybe more so now than before. Remember, people over 60 are among those at higher risk of coronavirus infection. Take precautions to limit potential exposure. Talk to your doctor if you have medical questions.

A Reminder Why Exercise Is Crucial – Regardless


Exercise is crucial to healthy living after age 50. There is no asterisk (*) for periods of public health crises.

So, here are a few of the top reasons you must keep moving every day.

  1. Exercise keeps you physically healthy and strong. It improves your balance and stamina. And it prevents the loss of muscle and bone, which happens as we age unless we fight back with fitness.
  2. Exercise alleviates stress. And we’re all under more of it right now than normal. Sitting on the couch does absolutely nothing to help.
  3. Exercise improves your mood, mental focus and memory.
  4. It also fights depression, which could become more of a problem if this crisis continues for long.
  5. It improves blood pressure and it limits the risk of diabetes, cancer and other diseases.

I’m Here to Help

The coronavirus pandemic is temporary. We WILL get through this eventually.

In the meantime for those without gym access, here is some general information about strength training with no equipment and how to build an inexpensive home gym.

If you want to get started on an exercise program right now, you still can. We’ll just do everything virtually through FaceTime, Zoom, or the Coaching App / Membership portal.

Feel free to call me at 612.804.9496 if you have any questions! I’m here to help 🙂

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