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Row Exercise for Shoulder Strength – Common Training Errors

I include some variation of a row exercise for shoulder strength in almost every exercise prescription that I write for my clients. It’s a great exercise for helping to improve posture, strengthen and stabilize the posterior shoulder girdle, and can be a whole body exercise depending on the variation or equipment being used (ie body row or TRX). However, like all exercises, you only benefit from doing them if you are doing them correctlyCommon errors while doing a row include allowing the head to jut forward, scapular elevation or depression, just using the elbow flexors to pull and not engaging the scapula, pulling too far back which puts stress on the anterior glenohumeral joint capsule, etc.

Here’s a great video from Eric Cressey showing 8 common training errors when performing a one arm standing row exercise:

You can do a row exercise for shoulder strength using dumb bells, cables, elastic bands or tubing, barbells, TRX or other suspension trainer, or even body weight on a Smith rack.

If you’d like to learn more about which row exercise would be most appropriate for you, call now and we’ll do an assessment so that you achieve your fitness goals efficiently and effectively!

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